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The List of Actual Myths of the Amazons
                         The entire myths of the Amazons:
   There has been a lot of confusion in recent years over the nature of the Amazons of Greek mythology. The tales of these female warriors have circulated for centuries but not every story is a part of Greek mythology. The Ancient Greeks didn’t write a lot about the Amazons. Instead the Amazons were subjects of Greek art and sculpture.  Below are the only myths of the amazons that are a part of the Greek Mythology collection.
                             1)Origin of the Amazons:
The Amazons were said to be born from the union between Ares, the god of war, and Harmonia, a forest Nymph. Their union birthed a group of female warriors who banded together and set up a civilization in Asia Minor. Amazons are said to have merged with the people around the Caucasus. The women ru
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Hello fellow Groupies! In honor of Lara's birthday, we're happy to announce the group's fourth contest! We have lots of amazing prizes and tons of fun in store for you, so if you're looking for action, adventure, creativity, exploration and treasure, then this is for you!
EDIT: As per several requests, the date for the contest has been extended for another two weeks until the 22nd of May, at 12AM.
There are so many wonderful great moments in Tomb Raider, far too many to count, but we want to remember why we do and what made certain sequences and adventures special to each one of us personally. This is the chance to bring together fans of Lara that have been with her through the games' infancy and the ones she's created today.
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**Those of you know my stance of comics and Wonder Woman so if my views offend you, please ignore me. I cannot help how you feel.*****

Yesterday it was announced that Diana's New 52 origin as a demigod would be used in BvS. Naturally New 52 fans are pleased but the majority of her fans, both men and women, are frustrated by the lack of respect Diana gets compared to her male counterparts. While I am not pleased with this unoriginal and boring origin, it brings about concern for Diana's solo film. The clay origin, one mirroring Pandora's, is central to Diana's character just as Krypton is central to Superman, the death of the Waynes in central to Batman, the death of Uncle Ben is central to Spider-Man, and radiation and human arrogance is in Godzilla. Wonder Woman's mythos from clay has multiple aspects to it from making Diana the opposite of Pandora, to symbolizing a woman's freedom from male dependence. In Greek mythology women and goddesses (and even gods) could reproduce and give birth on their own. Demigods, though popular today, were actually a small percentage of heroes in Greek Mythology. Greek Mythology is a vast and diverse universe filled with all backgrounds and walks of life. Diana was symbolic of that. However the use o the F-word, you know that scary word called FEMINISM is looked down upon in our society thanks to the male-hating Femi-Nazis (Feminist Extremists). Feminism is women (and men) seeking equality for all women of every background, race, religion and country. But the idea of Feminism is so scary now thanks to this loud group anything feminine needs to change, at least in DC's eyes. As a result Diana's new origin as daughter of Zeus origin has been confirmed (all be it by a producer and no member of the actual studio) for BvS. The idea of a woman being created by a woman and given life by the goddesses of Olympus is unsettling due to the lack of masculine influence so transforming the all female icon into a female Herakles was a perfect solution for them. However there are MANY issues presented by this origin. 

1) Where does that leave her origin movie?

Like every other major adaption of Diana's origin story the clay birth is essential. A mother's desperate love for the child she was robbed of in a past life is a core part of Diana's mythos just like Batman's parents are essential to his story. The relationship of Diana's birth built on mother daughter honesty and devotion, as well as the devotion of the Olympian Gods, is essential to Diana's story. Not every demigod went head to head with the Pantheon. Also if the gods never interfered with Diana's origin and birth, why would they be so desperate to find the most devoted of their worshipers to fight Ares? Speaking of Ares, IF Ares I as weak as he in New 52 (although it still doesn't make sense because of WWII and all these modern wars increasing his power) why would he be a threat? Also why do he and Diana hate each other if they were student and master? (Another thing that doesn't make sense. Let's have Darkseid teach Superman how to be a fighter! That makes sense right?). Ares was not without mercy so Diana refusing to kill on his orders would've angered him but not shattered him. Also why is it so impossible for a group of women to love and respect each other and raise Diana as their own? This daughter of Zeus origin leaves many holes to be mended and risks Diana's film origin to be completely rewritten; something that is not only risky but disrespectful to such an icon and her legacy. Most of her origin story is removed with the introduction of Diana's "father" leaving the film in more chaos than the past few attempts. Maybe the highly praised and successful 2009 animated film should be presented to Snyder and his team.....

2) The Olympian Soap Opera 

Making her the daughter of Zeus also places her into the category EVERY modern Greek Mythology character exists in. Demigods fighting gods and monsters is getting really old and the recent box office and critical bombs based on Greek Mythology attest to that. Having mutual respect between Diana and the gods is something Hollywood has yet to do and in all honestly would set Diana apart enough in a positive light as someone other than a "Hack and slash mythology simulator". Gods fighting each other is an aspect of mythology greatly overblown by Hollywood. The gods got along more than they fought because when gods fought more than "who's the fairest" was in jeopardy. Diana's true mythos offers a breath of fresh air in Hollywood but they've decided to play it safe so get ready for the usual complaints and slams that come with Greek Mythology and the Olympian soap Opera....

3) Who's her supporting cast?

The New 52 mythos fits into the drastically DC universe, but in a mass-marketed origin film? Hardly. Diana's New 52 cast is too overshadowing to her and doesn't fit into her origin. Siblings coming in left and right while Diana is trying to adjust to America and the outside world is too chaotic for a film. Plus marketing-wise the big sellers as a supporting cast are Ares, Hippolyta, Circe, Donna Troy, Cheetah, Artemis of Bana-Mighdull, Steve Trevor, and Etta Candy. Lackeys like horrific beatiomorphs, demonic creations, and war-gods make more challenging and entertaining elements than a big blue guy with daddy issues or a bunch of angry demigods who feel rejected by everybody. The latter is completely overdone. With the New 52 origin, how will Diana's film go up on screen? The comics never truly established her New 52 origin to a T, so how can the films?

4) Why is she special?

Making Diana a demigod and more specifically the female Herakles makes her another element in the pool of a thousand others. Being brought to life from clay by the gods to be a champion of peace is unique to Diana and establishes credibility within the realm of Greek Mythology as the answer to fix the wrongs Pandora unleashed. Pandora stands out because she's Pandora, unique. She was a woman created to punish Prometheus for his betrayal of the gods and unleashed the evils that plague man today. Diana, from similar origins, was created with the opposite ideology. Only a woman of Earth's flesh can plague mankind, only a woman of Earth's flesh can save mankind. This is what sets Diana apart from Pandora and every other Greek mythological character: She's hope and love. Herakles too is unique because he's one of a kind and the original. Having Diana copy his origins doesn't make her unique. Herakles has been done over and over a thousand times. Not every demigod fought immortals and went on adventures to redeem their sins for blood spilt. Xena too, while originally a copy of wonder woman, has grown into her own unique personality. Diana shouldn't copy anyone. She should stand put on her own. Making her a female Herakles doesn't make her special. It takes her uniqueness away. Will people buy into the origin? Of course but she'll be considered nothing more than a female Thor or Herakles by the masses.

5) The change in her origin in both the comics and film shows horrible double standards for women that needs to be addressed.

Man running around in a bat-suit punching criminals because he can't let the death of his parents go? Okay cool! 

Parents shove a newborn into a spaceship and launch him across the galaxy seconds before a planet explodes (risking the ship and baby being incinerated in the blast)? Great parenting!! Cool!!!! 

A nerd gets bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes an arachnid-human hybrid? Totally cool!

A team in space gets exposed to radiation miles from help and become superfreaks? Hell yes! Sign me up for the next flight! 

Man exposes himself to deadly radiation and becomes a giant green monster with anger issues? Best superhero ever!!! 

Rich guy gets bored and feels guilty so he makes an iron suit to fly around in? Awesome! 

A man sculpts a woman from clay and brings her to life? Totally cool! Most sympathetic being on the game!  
A talking Raccoon and Tree in a film? BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!! 

A woman is sculpted from clay by a devoted mother, given life by the gods, raised women to be a champion of peace? OH HELL NO! THAT'S SO CREEPY AND THE STUPIDEST THING I'VE EVE HEARD!!!!! HOW CAN THAT WORK???? EVERYONE NEEDS A FASTHER??? HOW COME NO MAN TRAINED HER??? THAT'S SEXIST!!!!!! WORST HERO EVER!!! TOO COMPLICATED!!!!!!! TOO SIMPLE!!!!!!

Origins for heroes can ALL Sound stupid and boring when we want them to. The difference is male characters get a pass because as a culture we are more willing to accept a male doing great things or being a badass rather than a woman. Even in our day and age sexism is alive and well. Most people think of it as "Girls can't do what boys can". There's more to it than that. In terms of Wonder Woman, a woman in pop culture has to EARN her place as a badass. This means she HAS to have a more powerful male somewhere. They either need to have a mentor or a powerful father who gives them strength and pushes them to their limit. As a whole, our culture cannot accept a woman who stands on her own or has no ties to a man because women are seen as weak, even in fiction. The change for Diana to have a father and be mentored by Ares was NOT to update her. They were to remove the feminism in her story because some people feel that women taking control is anti-masculine and unbelievable. Women are to fight over men and objects, be either super savage or super slutty. There’s no room for anything else. Was this the exact thought going through the minds of Dan, Brian, Lee, and Snyder? No. But there was sexism in the choice to redo Diana's origins (and all the other female characters) and keep most of the men unchanged. Are these people worth the wrath of the Femi-Nazis? Absolutely not. What needs to happen is we as a culture need to be willing to listen to what's going on and ignore the extremists. Women are unequal around the word ad our culture has double standards for women that need to be removed and addressed. Diana's new origins and the willingness to change her so drastically is evidence of our changing culture and the issues between genders that are growing. Women and men, real and fiction, deserve to be treated with respect, equality, compassion and understanding. This includes their origin. Why is Diana's so much harder to accept? Replace the women in her origins with a man, the feeling of discomfort and disbelief goes away. We need to step back and look at the real issue: Gender boundaries are going back up and sexism is becoming a greater issue again. Men and women should work together to build bridges between one another and understand that we can each exist on our own but can still come together as equals. Fixing this issue in comics is one way to build a bridge and start up the construction of many more. However the call is those who head the companies. Hopefully things will turn around and Diana's birth will be the ONLY change.

                                             Also for those of you still questioning the point of this journal entry, think of it this way:

Do you like the idea Warner Brothers and DC think you're too stupid to accept a woman with mythological origins but just stupid enough to buy into a talking animal and tree? That's another issue: assuming your audience is full of mindless idiots... not a motto I like to write and draw by. Nor do I like being considered stupid…How about you?


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